Private Home Care, LLC accepts various payment methods to suit the needs of our clients.

Self Pay: Personal checks are accepted and should be made out to Private Home Care, LLC

Health Insurance and Long Term Health Insurance:

We will work with your insurance provider to explore their coverage policies for personal care. However, please be aware that the majority of health insurance policies while having home care coverage refer to short term significant health event based medical coverage such as physical therapy, speech therapy, Registered Nurse visits, which last for a few months post a hospitalization or upon physician’s orders. Most of the time health insurance policies do not cover nonmedical care such as certified nurse assistant or a personal caregiver who provides assistance with ADLs (activities of daily living).

There are special Long Term Care Insurance policies which are very different from the typical health insurance plans. This type of insurance usually does cover costs for such care. However, Long Term Care insurance policies also vary depending on what company and policy the client chose to take out. Some policies work by having a daily maximum allowed once a claim has been opened, some have an elimination period of a certain number of days and only then will the insurance start to pick up the costs. If you have a long term care insurance policy in effect, our billing department can contact the insurance company to verify available benefits. When you allow us the authority to bill the insurance company we will complete all paperwork for you. If you are unsure of the coverage we will be pleased to inquire on your behalf.

Ultimately though, the amounts not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the client.

Medicaid Programs: If the client is eligible for Medicaid or is already a Medicaid recipient, we can help navigate and assist in setting up services through their Medicaid coverage. In recent years, Medicaid funding has been expanded for personal care in Maryland and although there are still waiting lists for the Medicaid Waiver Programs, there are now new programs such as the Community First Choice which may be utilized to bring in some services into your home, without acquiring out of pocket costs.

FECA Workman’s Compensation: We are also an approved vendor for those clients who are requiring personal care assistance who have been involved in a workman’s compensation injury and who are a federal employee.

Clients Testimonials

Barbara Holdridge

I have been using their services since February 2014 and have found their aides superior of those of other agencies. They are also very prompt and friendly in responding to my phone calls. I would definitely use them again.

Bob Rothenberg

I have used Private Home Care for home healthcare for my mother. Someone came to help my mom 7 days a week from 9 to 5. They helped with meals, bathing, medications and companionship. They also did cleaning and cooking. They were always responsive. If the person that was supposed to be there couldn't be there, they always let me know.

Joseph Goldberg

I use Private Home Care for assistance with activities of daily living. Both, the administrative and clinical staff are professional, friendly, reliable and compassionate. They always make you feel important.